or Somebody Emailed My Phone
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Gent again with a little line I just dropped off to Verio.com. If they do what I think they do, we could really be in for some less debt. Somebody left a message on my phone from the internet somehow?! He said he was from Verio dot com and called about THORAX CORP!! I think he was trying to email me and just doesn't know how to use it yet so he ended up just leaving a message on my phone. (He's probably new) So I emailed the following to "Submit Form to Verio." Not the sort of email webdress I'm used to but I think it went through okay. Here's what I said, I'm hopeful for a quick repose!

A VERIO called my answering machine voice weeks ago but our POWER GOT SHUT OFF so I lost the voice. 
I am very interested in knowing if http://www.verio.com has any solutions for:

-Total Stardom
-Second Income Trees
-Second Stardom Streams

Or any products or services that could help out a small, bludgeoning young web site that's dedicated
to increasing the Stardom of our clients. We're a small company but we're a big corporation. Thanks
for any interest! How about 10%?

Gent Delabor, Sr.