Is this guy for real? Only a thorough criminal background check will tell!
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Here at THORAX, when we say, "WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP!!," that's our way of saying, "Welcome, friend. Don't steal any of our stuff." And that's how we feel about Sted Delabor. He sure talks the talk, listen to him fizz!

Sted Delabor???
You know, a lot of people tend to pick on the new guy at work. But since I've signed on with THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. the fellows here at the ofice have been nothing but helpful. For example, it was just yesterday when Gent Delabor himself(!) pointed me in the direction of the men's room. I'd been holding it for the first three days of my job. The water cooler just down the hall from my ofice-cubikle provides me now with great sustenance and pried.

I'll quit dilly-dallyinged and get right to the point, sir. THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. HAS GONE DIGITAL! We've compiled all of our lunch menues into a "database" and we find these enjoyable. This gave Leg Delabor the big idea he calls, "THORAX DIGITECH SUBSIDIARY LLC,,. He called a meeting right away and suggested a way that THORAXCORPDOTCOM could be helped with going DIGITAL. Imagine these possibilities in our day and age:

-Loge onto our site and suddenly find yourself looking at DIGITAL characters-that's right! Letters AND numbers!!!

-Surf our interweb server and order what we order for lunch!!!



-THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. will have a digital-to-regular stuff CONVERTOR TABLES available to anyone who comes over. ANYONE!


Imagine all of these things that can happen, my friend. In PRESENT DAY? I sometimes stumble on my imagination and I don't get up. I find myself in my ofice-cubikle daydreaming about man's quest for flight and fire and how Leg Delabor will get us there with the help of THORAX DIGITECH CORPORATION LLC,,. Let me tell you, the THORAX ofices are buzzing with excitement.


*The officers of said legal department for THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,., THORAXCORPDOTCOM, & THORAX DIGITECH CORPORATION LLC,,. have been required by law to support and carry "CLOCK" time on the interweb, too. You know, the kind with the hands that go around a circular face.