Take the Rode less haggled with LEG DELABOR!
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Leg is back on the wagon and ready to T-E-A-C-H!!!!!!

When I came to the office this morning, my good brother Gent said to me, "I'm glad to see you are GRACING us with your presence today!" Now, I know my brother respects me more than anyone, and credits me with the creation of www.thoraxcorp.com's PRODUKTS, but sometimes he is just too reverent. I am only one man. No savior. Anyway, Gent wanted to know what I'd been up to over the past few days. Well folks, I was drinking. And thinking. Thinking of a BRAND NEW produkt for THORAXCORP!!!!!!!!!!


Leg Delabor's "Paths to Total Stardom' lecture series of audio tapes!!!nbsp;

That's right! Leg Delabor has set out to teach YOU how to achieve total stardom! Hear it from someone who has been to stardom… AND BEEN SENT BACK!!!! Leg made all the mistakes… SO YOU DON"T HAVE TO!!!!

Now he has laid out all his stories on BRAND NEW, Audio Tapes!! That's right, they come on fully functioning NORMAL BIAS, TYPE I Maxell audio tapes- WITH THE ORIGINAL TAPE CASES!!!!

Plus, as a bonus, they all come with printed sleeves printed from Leg's VERY OWN personal high quality Lexmark Dot Matrix 2850C Printer!!!

Here's what you get:

   "Actualizing your Stardom Potential"
    -Leg walks you through firsthand youre potentialaly
        LISTEN TO A CLIP!!!!

   "Using your Stardom Potential to Achieve Actual Stardom"
    -How do stars made? Here's HOW! With Leg to show you!

   "The Improtence of Physical Stardom"
    -You want to be a star? Learn to dress like one from this audio tape!

   "The highlights of Star Living"
    -Listen as Leg lists off all the things he would buy if he were a star- from A to Z- starting with airplanes, boats, and cars and going down to wristwatches!

   "Planning for Non Stardom"
    Stardom that lasts?!?! Impossible! Hear Leg tell you how to sit so you will be cushioned for your eventual fall!

   "Romantic Stardom"
    Join Leg in a "fireside chat", as he drinks malt liquor and tells you of his firsthand experiences that prove romanitc stardom is never possible.

Get all six tapes today!!! Because of this INTERNET ONLY offer, the tapes are a SPECIAL PRICE!

See, Gent informs me that we need to raise 4.5 Million dollars for some reason- (something to do with stardom.com, which I thought we already were)- anyway, so he has set the price at a very nice INTRODUCTORY level of $45,000!!!!! That's right, six whole tapes for $45,000 US Dollars!! And if you tell ONE HUNDRED of your friends to buy the tapes, we will be OKAY!*

So buy today! Star Tomorrow!!!!

*your credit card will be billed 100 (one hundred) times for purchase of these tapes.

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