Reach for Leg Delabor and see if he twitches!
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ARE YOU TIRED? Of work, or part-time work? Do you feel your personal stardom is stunted? Well, Leg Delabor is here to wake you up, AND OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!
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Mary Perry of West Memphis, AK was tired too. Before she found Thoraxcorp.com she was a paralegal for one of West Memphis' largest and most professional law firms!!! She was making thousands of dollars a year over the National Average*!!!! Then, Mary found Thoraxcorp's recipe for International Star Power!!! She kissed her job goodbye!!! Now she lives in Port Orchid, KY. Don't believe it?! Think it's a scam?! Saying to yourself, "That could NEVER work?" Well don't just see for yourself. Hear it from others:

"I didn't believe it until I thought it was true!"
-Shift Manager, Patricia Delabor-Jones

"Thoraxcorp knows how to funnel great success! Since I've joined they have continuously promised to funnel some MY way!!!"
-Soccer Coach, Scott Ebersole

Still don't believe?! Well, perform this self "test":

- Think to yourself, "Do I have the stardom I deserve?"

- Then, answer yourself.

- If the answer is "No," then ask yourself if you are a member of Thoraxcorp.com.

- Say, "Am I a member of Thoraxcorp.com?"

- If that answer is "No," then that is your problem. It's not my problem. You didn't believe me before. No one ever believes me. But what I am saying is "TRUE". If you need convincing, just call Mary Perry in Port Orchid, KY at 606-555-0079†. She knows… shouldn't you?

*The National Average is as posted by year.

†Just don't call her when she's home. Her answering machine will tell you about her stardom.

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