Take your business ELSEWHERE with Rode Delabor!!
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3 Pier Industry Report (9/19/00) Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!
Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on! Hold on!

Rode DeLabor+ can become your ticket to the top, much like he has been the ticket to the top for Rode DeLabor!!!! Rode is the kind of man that really gets you going, and he rarely gets to going!!! While growing up in the farm fields of Frederick, Maryland, U.S.A.*, Rode could think of only one thing....INDUSTRY. It was this INDUSTRY that made him move to the big city, leaving his alcoholic father and his misanthropic mother behind*. sex appeal
Rode Delabor
The Mythological Goat of Success
While the mice in the fields provided great early industry experimentation, it was his arrival to THORAXCORP LLC,,. that really got his goat. The goat of SUCCESS! Here it is possible to use Eode DeLabor's skills, mostly relating to field mice or the scanning of illegal photographs inside of the Intranet, for the better good of himself first. BUT JUST WAIT....there is also the possibility of some of his own stardom...rubbing off onto and inside of you!!!! Thats right baby, SECOND INCOME STREAM STARDOM STYLE!!!!

+Rode's capitalization of the 'L' in DeLabor does not, in any way, reflect his inability to type/read/speak the English Language(TM), he just thinks it looks Peruvian.