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We sent Leg out to search for it but so far, he hasn't turned anything up.
Here are some of the places he's looked:

      - The basement. One time, Gent locked him down there
         in the dark for like, 3 hours! And Leg got all scared
         cause Gent told him Tim Curry lived in our basement
         and that he was going to brush Leg's hair and stuff.
         Man! That was funny.

      - The 7 Eleven on Birdhour Street. Leg is probably
         sitting in the men's room, sobbing softly. We'd always
         find him there on the first day of school every year.
         It's also possible that he's trying to get caught
         shoplifting which he does to get attention.

      - Under Gent's bed. Leg was always telling mom
         and dad about the stuff he'd find under Gent's bed.
         One time Leg said he found himself under there.
         That's when Leg started seeing Doctor Slohagen.
         It still hurts, a little.

Oh, you're supposed to email Gent if you saw this page.