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CEO Gent Delabor cries out, "Collection Agencies are NOT charities!!"
  THORAXCORP is NOT Bankrupt!!  07.15.02
Contrary to popular belief and signed "Chapter 11" legal documents, THORAX CORPORATION LLC,,. is not bankrupt. CEO Gent Delabor saited, "We read Chapter 11 and weren't impressed. So we've moved on to Chapter 12."
  THORAX acquires 'Arial' font!  07.19.02
In a bold design move sure to shock the industry, THORAXCORP.com recently acquired the 'Arial' family of fonts. "Times New Roman? More like Times OLD Roman," said webmaster Mark Delabor.
  THORAXCORP.com launches FLASH site!  06.31.02
Thorax finally gets with the times! "I got the idea from some lights I saw on a sign that had lights on it," says marketing consortium Rode Delabor, "The light would turn on. Then, after a moment, the light would turn off."
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  THORAXCORP ASKS: Is there times when you don't know so much?  07.01.02
If you answered "Mggff," "Yes," or "What?"...Then you need to hear this!!Maybe have one of your smarter friends read it to you!!!!
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  'Juwanna Mann' Scores BIG at THORAX Box Office!!  07.15.02
Legible bachelor and social gadabout Leg Delabor has seen 'Juwanna Mann' 2 times since it opened June 21st. "I bought the tickets on-line the first time, but then I forgot to go to the movie," said Leg, "But the second time I bought them, I remebered to go!"